Module 9

“Oh my god, I have to Facebook that!”  “Let me Instagram that!”  “Did you see that tweet?”  These phrases and many like them are said around the world on a daily basis.  Printing traditional 4×6 photos have been replaced by albums on our favorite social media site.  Any moment of our life can instantly shared for the world to see thanks to social media sites.  But is it really our life we are sharing?  Instead, are we just sharing what we want people to see to make us seem better?

Some may answer yes.  More often than not, majority of Facebook users post only what they want their “friends” to see.  They want you to see how happy, perfect and exciting their life is.  When in actuality it is just that given moment that everything exciting is occurring.

With all of the excitement surrounding certian people’s pages, it is no wonder that the BBC study found that people were in fact more depressed after going on Facebook.  Also, the study found that Facebook users who were lonely logged into Facebook more frequently only to be left feeling worse about themselves after seeing other posts from others out and enjoying life.  Psychologists of the study explained that some users of social media sites have Fear of Missing Out, or FMO for short.  FMO is essentially the depression someone feels when they are alone on their computer while their Facebook is cluttered with pictures of people smiling and having a good time somewhere with friends.  These people  have tons of followers or friends, always smiling and live the life you wish you could.

If it isn’t bad enough feeling bad that you aren’t living the most thrilling life, some sites even capitalize on it.  Users can pay legitimate, real money to have subscribers, followers and likes added to their page to get more traffic onto a given page.  In a video by Veritasium, he explains that Facebook actually makes money by having people pay to “promote” their posts.

Despite all the positives that come with social media, there are still negative side effects like everything else in life.  Life is meant to be enjoyed away from screens and WiFi and with friends.



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