Module 13

How we present ourselves both online and in real life is an increasingly important for both your personal life as well as your professional life.  Along with choosing the medium to host your virtual existence, how you act online can determine the types of followers that you will attract.

To first begin your new online life, selecting your avatar or profile picture is usually the first step.  Besides showing others what you “look like” the profile picture expresses how you want to be viewed by others.  The “selfie” has sprung up trends, styles, parodies and even a song explaining the effect of a typical selfie.  According to Christine Erikson’s article on Mashable, taking a selfie can show confidence, vanity, a craving for attention, or just someone feeling good about themselves.  Although the trend can be rather annoying and predictable, your picture or avatar is typically the first aspect of your online presence that others view.  It is a picture of your own, unique personal brand that you have created.  After that, completely fill out your profile.  This will allow the site to better filter in people that you may know based upon the information that you have provided.

After you have found the perfect picture of you to display, learn your social media outlet like your life depends on it.  I know, this sounds crazy but it can be very beneficial.  When your are marketing yourself, you want every message to reach as many people as possible.  Knowing how to broadcast your post to the greatest number of people may seem difficult but can be accomplished with the right knowledge.  By making friends and being social with other users, you are more likely to have your post shared and distributed by others for you.  Also, be as close to your real self as possible.  Shows like catfish show how appearing to be someone else can have catastrophic repercussions.  Don’t distinguish between a work profile and a private profile is possible.  This makes communicating with others via the internet seem like work because it actually is.  Allow yourself to be flexible enough that you can broadcast every bit of yourself to all the people in your life and not just certain groups.

Keeping track of all your social media can be quite a task, but once you have established yourself the benefits greatly outweigh the troubles that can come from it.  Remember to be polite, outgoing and genuine and you will find yourself with an interactive group of online subscribers.


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